Running nose

did anyone encounter the following problem I have: whenever I am taking a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner - no difference), approximately half-way through the meal, my nose starts running (a lot!), and it stops (immediately) only when I finish eating? I think I have this problem for a few years now, but earlier it was happening only occasionally. Since a couple of weeks the situation is rapidly worsening.

Any advice perhaps? Would be very much appreciated. Thanks


I have no advice, but have the exact same problem.

Try asking your PD nurse, consultant or GP

I’d ask mine but they’ve all gone AWOL
Haven’t seen them for 1 and a half, 2, and 2 and a half years respectively.

Hi Koru.
I have had the same problem for a few years. My GP ha now given me a Rinatec nasal spray. It doesn’t always work, but it helps. I use it about a half hour before a meal. I have also tried several more without success.

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Hi. I have had to keep handy my box of tissues at meal time for quite some time. Until reading your post l had not thought about its possible
connection to pd. Hope someone can explain why. ema

I don’t have Parkinsons, my husband has which is why I signed up to this forum. I have a different Neurological problem for which I have been taking Mestonin (pyridostigmine bromide). One of the side effects is producing more tears and saliva than usual but the problem I have had is the same as yours in that ny nose runs frequently for no apparent reason. I do not have a cold. I have had this problem all the time I have been taking the medication. I think that it would be worth checking the blurb for the medication you are on and if it relates highlight the relevant information and take it to your next appointment with a medical professional. I find that they will not believe what you say unless you can prove it. My Gp didn’t believe that metformin was affecting my b12 levels, said it was because I am vegetarian but I have been vegetarian for over 40 years without any problems so I took him the metformin patient information leaflet to prove my point. Sorry for waffling on. Good luck in getting it sorted.