Running out of medication

Hi, Cowboy101 trying to find out the ins and outs of a situation that has been worrying my wife ever since she began Parkinson`s Medication. Very often, upon going to local Pharmacies, we have discovered that the required medication has not been in stock. They have done their best to get it in by the next day, and have usually succeeded in doing so, but what do we do if we have run out of the stuff altogether and can`t get any more for two or three more days? The obvious solution is to always have a reasonable supply of the medication in, but as our Doctor is very reticent about prescribing more than is currently needed that is very difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions? By the way, My Wife would like to say a few words of Her Own! Cowboy101.
hello everyone - I'm cowboy's wife and I would like to thank anybody who has given me help over this very scary time I'm into the second week of a starter pack of Repinirole and so far so good. Thank's once again I will hand over to my husband.
I thankyou too and appreciate the kind thought behind all the suggestions. Best Regards, Cowboy101 and Wife.
This is a problem I have had in the past, more about the drops I use for glaucoma than my repinirole. It ended with the pharmacist telling the doctor that the drops were supplied to them in 3 month packs and could she please prescribe 3 months at a time. That seemed to open a floodgate and I now get 2 months supply of repinirole at a time. It can be very scary when bank holidays get in the way. Do you think your Doc would be more sympathetic if you said the pharmacy were having supply problems.
Hello cowboy101 and wife,

I agree with Mosie, you could also mention the problems to your PD nurse if you have one, or speak to the GP again and stress how this is worrying your wife and that it is causing stress and making her symptoms worse.I would also let PDUK know as they may be able to help.
best wishes
Your wife must be on repeat prescriptions? She can gradually build up a small supply of the pills by putting in for the next prescription a week or at least a few days earlier.Or why not notify the pharmacy that you need the medication in a couple of days, so they can order them in good time. Apparently it is quite common for pharmacies not to have certain drugs in stock, even though they must know that every month these drugs are required by their regular customers.You mention your wife's medication in another post, if this is about ordinary Ropinerole the timing is not so critical and I fully agree with Annebernadette's post about asking a PD nurse or neuro first and taking it with a couple of biscuits.The food advice is there to lessen or prevent possible nausea.
yes two pharmacies near me - one a chain one an independent - always say trouble with supplier especially with sinemt 62.5. read that suppliers prefer to flog it to europe where they get a better price. On another note Croydon PCT refuses to prescribe neuro patches - does this happen anywhere else?