Russell Brand BBC Documentary

This documentary (currently on BBC iPlayer) grabbed my attention when one of the experts being interviewded by Russell Brand - Professor David Nutt - stated that the 10% of the population who are most succeptible to addictive and compulsive behaviour may also have a dopamine deficiency. Stress can also lead to addictive behaviour, with alcoholism given as an example.

An extract from Professor Nutts' website:

'The initial research proposal is to develop a testing platform that reliably provokes key brain processes in addiction such as craving, impulsivity and stress responses that can be used to screen for new drugs that will moderate these. In the first instance we are comparing an established treatment agent (naltrexone) with two new drugs developed for other indications. Despite being developed for other indications these new drugs have potential utility in addiction because they target key brain neurotransmitters involved in addiction (dopamine and substance P).'

This leads me to wonder what is the difference between an addict and a Parkindon's sufferer?! Should Professor Nutt be made aware of Parkinson's?

Any comments?

Chris M
Good Morning Chrism
I have no doubt it will have been brought to his (prof) attention, but it just shows the vast and many attacks that PD delivers every day upon his victims, as I have mentioned previously on this forum every one of us is taking part in a vast experiment whether we like it or not,with the ultimate goal being the cure, oh what joy it would bring to millions of us to hear on the News
"Scientists announced today THEY HAVE A CURE FOR PARKINSONS, knowing my luck on the same day I will have bought the winning ticket on the Euro Millions a record £280 000 000, and the combined unrestrained joy will stop my heart, oh
and I would be 95yrs old, at least I would have the pleasure of giving it all away , with the odd £80 000 000 going to Parkinsons Alzeimers Dementia research, if only eh. Kindest Regards Fedex