I have been following the progress of an extended release carbidopa/Levadopa medication previously known as IPXOO6.

It would reduce the Sinemet type regime to almost half the number of doses.

I can't work out what is preventing its release for use.

Anyone with an explanation?






Can Research throw any light on the production problems holding up the launch of this promising extended release drug?

Hi goldengirl I had a chat with the research team about your post but I'm afraid they had no further information. Ezinda



This drug was discussed in one of the early sessions at WPC2013. My notes from the session say only that it was extremely promising and approval was felt to be 'imminent'. That doesn't shed any light on your specific question about production woes.



Thanks EF!

it would be wonderful to go from drugs every 2 hours to 4!

I just can't make sense of the articles on why GSK have terminated their involvement and withdrawn funding.

Worth asking Research to have another go at finding out if production likely to resume soon?