I am wondering if anything will run true in my life, I just seem to get my head up and something occurs to crush my resolve and really flattens me, this time the cause of my anguish is my youngest Daughters marriage is plainly about to fail,this is very distressing as I love both of them in fact I look on my son in law as a son we are very close and have so much in common, but he is behaving very badly and I am as a father, duty bound to defend my child, the  distress is causing a knock on effect with the PD and I am troubled by shutdowns which occur when stressed, I am sad, so much happiness lost forever, three children seeing the unpleasant disintegration of a once happy relationship, another living  nightmare to bear for long period until the world turns and at some point in the distant future normality once more softens the pain and memories fade, how long, its horrible knowing the pain in store is about to be unleashed.

                                              A very sad Fed

Hello Fed, when you're sad we're sad. And trouble breeds trouble for Parkies. But I do know that writing about it here helps in itself. Share it here, and if we can do nothing else we can listen.

Hoping for better days for you soon.

Very best

   Thankyou Semele, it is true that this Forum is like a safety valve sharing the distress and dissipating its effects and alas my prediction has come true so I am very upset and torn in both directions as I love them both and do not have a clue how I can mend things, if I assist one I feel I am betraying the other.

                                     SAD fed












Hello, fedex --

I'm so sorry to hear of your latest trial.  It does seem that you are getting more than your share of hard times.  I have nothing useful to say, nothing to offer except my sympathy and hopes for the best possible resolution for all involved.  May things improve soon!

Don't get stressed Fedex, everyone on this forum is here for you. As the saying goes que sera sera.

By the way there is nothing wrong with you feeling the way you feel for your son in law it's natural for you to feel like this.

hope things work out for you.


     Hello Bambi and if you dont mind me saying, what a delightful screen name,well you will be pleased to hear my Daughter and Husband Peter are back togetherbig grinbig grinI had to do something It was breaking my heart, so I telephoned them both (not at the same time) and gave them a carefully worded few pieces of advice it went something like this," I am  only going to say this once,If you''''<<<k  ££"PKO >>@@~~£££!¬ing retAR??se INTO GEAR ANDMAKE SURE YOU DO IT NOW,or words to that effect , in both cases there was silence on the end of the line and for a moment I thought have I overcooked it, but no, Peter, who by the way is built like a brick ***?house and who used to be a bouncer at one of the most notorious Night Clubs in Newcastle simply said "your right Dad sorry, I will ring Jen now" which he did and it worked, I had never spoken to my Daughter ever in such descriptive terminology and I think the shock of her dear old Dad exploding into a many and vast amount of expletives carefully choosen or even chosen from the HEAVY MUCKSHIFTERS BIBLE of WORDS TO MAXIMUM EFFECT,made her realise that being inside a relationship you can work at it, but once you are outside in the cold, it is often   too late and there is no way back.

            Do you think I would make a good marriage counsellor ,

                                   Best wishes , a very very happy FED

Good morning

                  J, Semele and Bambi I hope you dont think I was a bit hard on my two wayward children but I could not stand by and watch the destruction, they have problems, mainly to do with Peters shocking childhood years which I cannot repeat here, the poor lad had parents from hell, he has a Brother and Sister , they were in care homes, fostered and battered and abused, he calls me dad and its a Fathers responsibility to care for and help his children when they drift off course ,well thats what done I have or have I done, well you know mean I WOT, sorry I JUST felt lke bbeeen Scilly, but happy.


                                      WISHES BEST           FED   Got to go as taking Beloved to a Italian for Valentines day treat, thats a iTALIAN RESTERAUNT BY THE WAY.

Yay everything worked out, and no I don't think you were harsh, I never judge just here to support.


Wonderful story to hear, fed!  If the method had such good results, I don't see how anyone could find fault.  Better to be instrumental than a non-participant in your children's fate.

Well done!     



 OK the moral of the story is think before using this method as it  does not always work, only as a last resorteye roll       thankyou  J and Bambi

                                                   Fedquestion markbig grin

Hi Fed

Glad everything worked out in the end , sometimes in life we all need a swift kick in the pants it worked it got them back together so no harm done

Best wishes