Safinamide (xadago)

i have just been reading instructions of safinamide that you are not allowed to take with rasagiline this being the generic drug for azilect.! I have just email the company who make drug so i am waiting for response,if pduk have any info on this it would be appreciated .thank you 

Hi Gus,

I think the reason they say don't take Rasagiline as well, is because Safinamide is a similar drug and does the same job, but much better. No need to take both........could be wrong though. Just had a quick Google and that's my understanding.

Good luck anyway and keep us posted on the results.


Hi gus,

I'm just checking this with our Nurse Advisors, to see if they have any info on this. I'll let you know when I've heard back.


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Hi gus,

Me again! I've checked and one of our Nurses has said that Safinamide is in the same drug class as Rasagiline (MAOB-Inhibitors) and they should not be taken together.

They have also passed information from this article when Safinamide was launched:

I hope this helps.

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So would you say safinamide is better than azilect (rasagiline.) I take azilect with entacphone get a bit dyskinesa
Well i think i will give it ago. They say start of on 50mg and if tolerated go up to 100mg after two weeks then i can introduce entacphone again and hopefully take less or same but not get dyskinesa. Well i will let you know how i get on.thanks guys just thought I'd might be able to take both and feel like superman
Well picked them start tomorrow let you know how i get on. When ordering safinamide they go by the name Xadago. Thanks

I got switched from azilect to safinamide but it wasn’t a success ,so its back to a month without either then back on the azilect.

Gp surgery trying to save money by swapping you to generic drugs, should not be allowed without your permission, why you got to wait a month just tell them you want a new script if not get your pd nurse on the case

Sorry getting muddled up safinamide is meant to be like entacphone makes your pd meds last longer but you only have to take one tablet ,as entacphone you have to take more than one.But not sure why they took you off Azilect as this is different than ie entacphone & safinamide.! Anyone ideas getting bit muddle As Azilect generic is Rasagline /Safinamide generic is Xadago this is fairly new drug came on the market last year sometime it’s meant to reduce dyskinesia

All I know gus is that I had to leave a month between stopping the safinamide and starting the azilect.This was on the instruction from my P/D nurse.