Hi, does anyone have any experience of Safinamide. I started taking this only on Friday but have not had a great weekend.

From my research I really want to take to this, hopefully it can provide good long term benefit. However I have felt suddenly much worse, with all symptoms being much more exaggerated.

As with all drugs, they come complete with a long list of potential side effects, obviously as a legal catch all. The first paragraph says 1 in 10 may suffer worsening of condition.

My question is is this just my system getting used to the drug, and so will the feelings reduce with time?

Hi there RCP!

We’re sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling great. You can view the archives of the forum re: Safinamide by clicking here if you wanted to see other accounts and experiences.

As you rightly pointed out, there will be potential side effects, so it’s best to talk things through with medical advisors if you’ve had a rough weekend.

All the best
Tom A, Parkinson’s Moderator