Safinamide new drug for people having alot of off time, have read abit about & its taking one tablet payday ,bit like entacapone but with enntacapone you take when needed as told by your pd specialist ,but having read abit safinamide is meant to reduce dyskinesa be very interesting too see how people tolerate it,hopefully this will be a great new medication against can read about it on top page RESEARCH !

I have been Googling everything that I can source about this. I just hope that it can be prescribed to lessen the OFF periods which are now extensive each day.

well i think thats what its for,unless there is still meds out there you have not long you had pd benji

It's my OH gus and it's been 18 years, diagnosed aged 47.

Hi everyone,

As Safinamide is so new it may take time for the community to gain access this treatment. If you have any questions please ask your Parkinson's specialist or contact our helpline, we're always happy to answer your questions. 



This is an up to date summary of a recent review we carried out of the medical literature concerning Safinamide using the PubMed medical database :


Trade names : Xadago

Pharmacology : Safinamide has both dopaminergic properties (highly selective and reversible inhibition of monoamine oxidase-B) and non-dopaminergic properties (selective sodium channel blockade and calcium channel modulation, with consequent inhibition of excessive glutamate release) [1]. It is intended to be added to the use of L-dopa or dopamine agonists.

Efficacy : In once daily dosages of 50mg to 100mg, after six months, Safinamide improved Parkinson's Disease symptoms and reduced "off" time when added to existing Parkinson's Disease treatments. However, the reduction in "off" time in comparison to a placebo was minimal. The increase in "on" time beyond that of a placebo was only 40 minutes for 50mg safinamide, and 50 minutes for 100mg safinamide. Higher dosages had no beneficial effects [2, 3, 4]. People taking daily dosages of 100 mg had a lower need for increased dopamine agonists [5].

Adverse effects : The side effects of safinamide were not disclosed. After 24 months, the improvement in dyskinesia was not statistically significant [2, 3].

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sorry benji

 did not realise or forgot how is your wife having pd such along time is she still ,good health ,tremors shaking.mine was vary advise


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your last post there burnt out my last brain cell I lost it too much info