Saints and Scroungers

Ive just watched Saints and Scroungers on the BBC, I was very impressed with the part of the programme that focussed on Parkinsons UK and the help it gives to people in the community. I hope that this programme will raise awareness of the condition and all the great work that Parkinsons UK do. I had tears in my eyes watching as it is nice to know that their are still genuinely, lovely, helpful people in the world.

Jan xxx
that's great news Jan and I hope to catch it on BBC iplayer. I welcome all good PR news on PD to make people more aware of just how devastating an illness PD can be.
I too was most impressed, especially with the cheerfuk dispositions of the pwp and Dominic Livingston's excellent delivery of facts in a non-pitying but forceful manner. Hope this will be repeated at a later date and evening slot.
Just watched Saints & Scroungers. Well done to all our Information Support Workers who do a great job and more. Hope this programme will help people understand that we are not scroungers but genuinely need the help and support. A shame the fluctuating side of Parkinson's was not shown, it worries me that i could be 'captured on camera' when my medication is working well and i'm having a 'good day' but they don't see me half way through my shopping when i freeze and end up calling my husband to come and 'rescue' me!! or later that day when my medication has worn off crawling on the floor and in pain from spasms in my legs.
I too watched this programme, and it was fantastic, i think it should be on in the evening, would make people much more aware. :laughing:
Thanks to it being pointed out on this forum, I watched the S&S programme on BBCiplayer & managed to get my carer to do the same.. I have been advocating for some time that in some instances a listening ear is as good as a pill. Just as shame it was such a short part of the programme