I read on one of the blogs that excessive saliva could be attributed to pd

For a few years I have been treated for acid reflux taking 3 tablets a day although enderscope was clear

Periodically my mouth fills with saliva wich I cant swallow and end up leaning over the sink while it eases

Following this I struggle to swallow any food and as the day goes on I start with yoghurts or scrambled egg till it improves. It happens mostly at night or early morning and not too often thankfully. Could this be a symptom of pd and should I include it on my list for my neurologist at my next visit

Any thoughts anyone





Hey nevbar

Are you my twin? haha as most of your symptoms are exactly the same as mine this included, but i dont have an answer for you as i never connected the dots of swallowing problems and acid reflux to PD, 

Be really good to know if it was or wasnt so we would know how to treat it. 

Thanks again silentwolf

I will add it to the rest of my questions for the neurologist when i go see him for the results of my datscan







Swallowing problems and sometimes things going down the wrong way are defo down to PD.  I have no particular problem but I have had a cholking fit when a tiny amount of saliva went down the wrong way..

Sometimes, its not a case of too much saliva as not automatically swallowinbg it.  Think of the drain they have to use when you go to the dentist .  "According to WebMD, a person produces between 2 and 4 pints of saliva on a daily basis. The most saliva is produced during the late afternoon hours"

I believe speech therapists deal with  swallowing problems

Thanks eileenpatricia for your comments

Every little helps


I choke on my own saliva and have just been to see a speech and language therapist having been referred by my PD nurse. I would really recommend you get help and mention it to your nurse or specialist so that you can be given advice on how to manage the issue. . . You certainly don't have to just put up with it! Good luck. Regards Godrevy

Thanks Godrevy

Its on the list for when I see neuro in march


It is important to mention it and get advice and treatment for swallowing problems. Food going the wrong way may give you pneumonia and this could even be fatal. It is a not unusual cause of death among PwPs.