Second question of the night... Dad has terrible saliva problems, his pd is quite advanced. He spends his waking hours holding tissues to his mouth as he salivates constantly and uses 2 boxes of tissues a day. Life would be easier without this as eating/drinking is messy and embarrassing for him. We can't go out for meals anymore.

The, Dr prescribed quells which contain hyacinth, but these heavily effect his mental health/hallucinations and he had to come off them urgently.

If Anyone can offer advice or assistance please, please let me know. It's much appreciated.

Thanks Helen x
Sounds a lot like my husband and he was given Kwells to try and dry his mouth . I was told to give him 1/2 twice a day . When I did try eventually I was worried because a lot of meds affect him in the same way . I have him a Quarter twice in one day . and my husband started to hallucinate straight away . we have discovered that other medications have the same outcome with him .. It's got you a overs a barrel ..
Hi helenj02,

This issue comes up quite a lot on our helpline.

Below are a few resources that might help. You can also try calling our helpline directly. The number is at the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Information sheet on Eating, swallowing and saliva control:

Drooling thread from Carers, friends and family forum:

Thread from the Treatments Archive:

I hope it helps,

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Great, no one had suggested Botox and it sounds like it has a good success rate!

The saliva problem makes life for a poorly dad even more difficult than it already is.:disappointed:
Thanks for the links Ezinda, My husband has been doing the mouth exercises today and his drooling has eased . It might be a co incident but hopefully not .
Hi Johnnie,

That's good news.

Glad to hear they might have helped.