Samsung s3 android

For the last month i have be unable to use pduk website on phone ok on pc ,but keeps coming up access denied on log in on phone !how can i fix!

its sort of ok tried using Google chrome ok ! but normal Google no good

Hi Gus,

What browsers are you using on your phone when you're unable to login? You said that Chrome worked, but that normal Google didn't - what do you mean by normal Google?



HI Gus

I dunno if this snippet of info is of any use but i heard the 'flash players' some browsers use were no longer going to be supported what ever that means in techno speak, you might find a  fix in that area, just a wild  guess though.

i dont own a smart fone myself lol i'm not smart enough lol


It's a computer. Mobile fixes are frequently resolved by switching it off and on again as this clears most of the 'gunk' collected from all the applications run since last switched on.  Removing the battery also clears even more.

cheers Google search engine on any Internet browser & Google chrome is a Internet browser like windows,explorer,Firefox etc ....

Hi Gus,

I would also recommend what Kendo said, that you try turning your phone off and on, which like a computer, can help a phone behave better if it’s acting up. If it’s possible to remove your battery as well, this is also a good thing to try as it helps ‘reset’ things, but does not actually reset your phone’s settings.

In regards to the search engines, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to regarding using the Google search engine on other browsers? Unfortunately Internet Explorer and Safari don’t always work as well as Firefox and Chrome. Since you said that using the Chrome browser allows you to login to the Parkinson’s UK forum I would recommend that you just use that.

Also, you could also try resetting your password and saving it in your internet browser. Sometimes the browser may have an older (incorrect) password saved.

Hope this helps!

Digital Team


i have seen a error message a time or two Gus is that what you see? error 503 or 504?. if so perhaps that shed's some light on it.

cheers all must be something i have touched on phone as it dose same thing on next account hmmm

Hi Gus,

As today is my last day, if you have any more questions about this, please could you email [email protected] and someone from the Digital Team will pick it up.

Best wishes,
Digital Team


good luck for the future alethea