Satin bed sheets

I have Parkinson’s. There seems to be a recommendation to use satin sheets to be able to move easier in bed. On Amazon there is mention of satin stripe which I think does not mean that they are actually made of satin. Can anyone advise of a good supplier of fitted satin sheets, please?

Hi James,
I bought my sheets from Parkinsons shop, as they have a cotton edging to prevent slipping when sitting on the bed. They are by no means the cheapest but I would highly recommend them. they most certainly help when wanting to turn over, if like me you don’t wear a jack in bed and sweat, this can cut down there usefulness.

Got mine from OT I think. They have a narrow strip of slippy. But have to admit it is still a struggle to move in bed. I don’t wear silk PJ’s. That’s an expense too far.