Satisfying immediate protein free meals

Welcome folk. I am 58 yrs, diagnosed 8 yrs ago, and in the last 4 months have discovered a huge challenge with eating any protein. Although the timing of eating in relation to pill consumption does have an impact, any protein seems to switch me off, often for 1-2 hours. Unfortunately everything I like to eat is rich in protein. I don’t tend to cook, and commonly buy all food from supermarkets or farm shop. My question is this…What can I buy from shops that fills me up quickly, and has no protein? I have tried crisps. Do other people , and I am addressing those who similarly are protein intolerant,have a food source that they default to… jacket potatoes? I know fruit and veg are brilliant, but are so unappetising… thanks

PS breakfast can be porridge which is very good for you and filling but if you have meds to take early, make overnight oats the night before with yoghurt and berries and leave it sit in the fridge in a jar. Add honey or cinnamon or banana and it doesn’t seem so much like porridge! If you take any supplements these can be mixed in to disguise.

He did notice an improvement in absorption but I think gradual is the way to go. He would break out the odd time also.

Good luck, if you like anything I’ve mentioned, make a list and try one by one

My dad has gone over to a vegan diet for the same reasons you describe. He did this gradually by having vegan food a couple of times per week, then three or four and then all the time. He would cook things like:

Fried Quorn soya mince, adding onions, peppers, celery and bolognese sauce to cooked pasta or baked potato and veg. Too much for one so half can be frozen for another day or layer up the mix on some lasagne sheets in a foil tray in the fridge for tomorrow, top with cheese.

Fried Quorn soya chicken pieces with veg and add a jar of curry sauce, serve with rice. Fridge or freeze leftovers.

Fried Quorn soya chicken pieces, add veg and fajita spices and serve with salad and warmed wraps. Freeze leftovers or have tomorrow with potato wedges or noodles.

Sometimes he wouldn’t feel like cooking and would have stocked up the freezer or fridge with vegan ready meals. These are in a section in most grocery stores and would be similar to above but they are also available in things like cottage pie. Obviously it’s made with meat substitute and potato on top but they can be really tasty.

He would always have microwave rice, spaghetti, tinned items like sweetcorn, baked beans, jars of sauce and frozen items like diced peppers, diced onions, frozen mushrooms, Quorn, oven chips and jacket potatoes, steam packs of veg etc so there’s always something to throw together or have a variation of it tomorrow.

You can also buy vegan sausage rolls for a snack, vegan sliced meat etc for sandwiches.

It seems like a big change but start off slowly.
You may already be eating some of what I’ve already mentioned and just need to swap out the meat or look for different choices in the supermarket.

Thankyou so much. I have acted on what you’ve suggested, with 5 vegan meals being preprepared for me this week, and I’ll try many of your suggestions too…I see a shopping trip approaching, and wishes for a bigger freezer section than what is in your kitchen!!

That’s great, William. Good luck with it. If you log in to the forum and type the word “protein” into the search bar you will find similar threads whereby other patients have been able to tolerate a little bit of protein, just at different time of day. A bit of trial and error might be required.