Scan Results

Can anyone help with interpreting this scan? It pretty clearly confirms I have PD but not sure what Grade 2 means. 

The Dat scan images show reduced uptake in the put amen bilaterally.

radiology interpretation Abnormal study, grade 2 with activity confined to the caudate heads. Appearances are in keeping with a Parksonian Syndrome.

My GP can't tell me and it could be long enough before I see the neurologist.

thanks as always.




Hi Bruce

I;m no doctor 

But a quick google search of the terms of comes up with grade 2 as both sides 'bilaterally'. grade 1 is one side. When i had a 'dat-scan' mine came back as both sides 'bilaterally' as well, reduced patchy uptake of.

There's a little explanation on page 2 of the pdf link and further down.


Thanks very much sir.

The Grade 2 is where PD is usually diagnosed established symptoms clearly and identifiably then it goes too 3 4/5   5 being advanced PD.