Hi everyone, 

I'm not really sure why I'm posting, other than that I don't think it's healthy to keep googling/reading about PD and wanted to do something different.

My dad has advanced YOPD. I'm 32 now. For the past couple of months I've noticed that my right hand and outer arm are numb on and off. The outside of my right foot is the same. When I'm standing I notice that my little toe and the two next to it on my right foot curl under and are uncomfortable. My right hand feels stiff and cold sometimes, but this comes and goes and doesn't last long. I have no slowness/stiffness really, other than that my left leg feels 'tighter'- but I can't really explain it. I've always had a fine tremor but it seems much worse in my right foot and hand recently- I've shown people who all agree. It's not a resting tremor though.

Weirdly I keep having random twitches throughout my entire body but particularly my left upper eyelid.

I think there's a good chance I'm starting with Parkinson's. But I have a toddler and can't even begin to think about how I would deal with it/how our lives would be. I know I need to go and see my GP but I'm too scared.  I feel like I've became so anxious about it all that I dont even know what's real and what's in my head anymore.

Have any of you had these symptoms? It definitely started with the pins and needles/numbness in my right arm.

Thanks x

Hi Mumofone,

Welcome to the forum! 

I appreciate that this is an unsettling and scary time for you. While I encourage you to consult with your doctor to discuss your symptoms, you may find speaking to a Parkinson’s specialist more reassuring and a little less scary.

If you’d like to explore this option; you can find out more details here.
I’m sure our forum members will offer you more advice based on their own experiences, however, I hope you find the above information useful in the interim.

Do keep us posted on your progress.



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hi mumophone you really need to see your gp the earlier the better as this will open up other avenues of help eg. specialist parkinsons nurse and of course other treatments every body gets scared at first  try not to panic good luck