I am so worried, my husband, 70 in June, is beyond tired, and has been for some time. His day consists of walking the dogs ( 20 minutes ) taxi for our grand child and shopping, and thats about it, loads of time in front of tv, napping. I asummed it was his meds doing it ( 40 grm citrolpam ) but on Christmas day he showed me how his hand was trembling, making a joke of it, since found it he told our son as well, unusual for him, he keeps stum about most things. I plan on making sure he sees a doctor but he says only if it happens again. Am I panicing for nothing or should he get it checked.. Dont know what to think.....

hi judes

there is  no harm in getting it checked out,the earlier the better, while hes there he could have a bit of a mot.dont worry.

Gus, thanks for replying

Can you tell me just 1 thing, my OH got the shakeys Christmas day, nothing since, now is this just a lull or does it often go  a period of time before  a second episode. that is if it even is an episode and not just a age thing ? 

I know Im jumping the gun, but have seen my Uncle and stepdad with PD and frankly Im terrified. 

hi judes

yes i think you may be worrying too much,but still go to gp safe than sorry! when you have pd anything can bring on tremors ie worried,stress to much thinking anything,sorry  maybe nothing just worrying as you have seen uncle & stepdad .

thanks again Gus, hope your coping on your own journey 

ups & downs only 42 ,had pd nearly 8 yrs had dbs surgery 18 months ago that has helped ! had to give work up last xmas, thats the hardest thing to cope with, so boring now,did not think giving work up so hard ! neutral

I am a relative newcomer to the vagaries of PD - coming up to my 3rd anniversary.  I am only a couple of years younger than your OH.  His symptoms sound very much like mine when they began.  I first noticed that my right hand started to shake after a workout for about 2 minutes, stopped, and then came back a couple of months later for about 4 minutes.  I never thought anything about it until the stress of an airplane flight from hell caused my hand to shake beyond my control for a few hours (you can read about it my August  12, 2011 entry in my blog "I've got that Parkie feeling" at After that trip, I got concerned and went to the doctor. 

So your OH and I have intermittent shaking in common.

We also have exhaustion in common.   It has been described as exhaustion at a cellular level.  I wake up tired.

Still, the fact that we have 2 things in common does not mean he has PD.  A number of things can cause both symptoms.  I can't remember a list of those things but my neurologist checked for them all in order to eliminate them as a cause.  So get your OH to a doctor and my advice, get a diagnosis from a couple of doctors (I went to 3 neuros and, wouldn't you know it, they all agreed I have PD!)

So I have lived with PD for only 3 years and nobody can tell by looking me.  My shaking hand is calmed by the drugs and I live a relatively normal life.  I exercise every day (minimum 1/2 hour); my wife ensures that I have a healthy diet and I have a positive outlook for the future.   I also continue to work but I am able to do so because my office is in my home and that afternoon nap sure comes in handy.

Best wishes


Did you pay private to have three neros to confirm,not a common thing to get on nhs  ! just wondered

No.  Like the UK, in Canada we have universal health care.  My GP referred me to the first neuro, who diagnosed me but was old enough that I figured he might die before me.  My GP then referred me to the second one, who confirmed the diagnosis but added "This is just a little ham-and-eggs office, you need a specialist" so he referred me to the movement disorder clinic.  That's where I am now, with a specialist who is young enough that he should outlive me by a couple of decades.  No cost.

thanks for that ! have a good new year cool

Thanks very much, very helpful to know you went several months between shakes. And yes, he does wake up tired. He is awaiting results of a blood test ( unrelated ) and once we get that I am dragging him to the doctors

It helps loads to talk, he has no idea I am on this site

hope all goes ok ! good luck wink

Hi Jude

As previously said if the shakes come back best to get them checked out by docs however there could be a lot of reasons, other than PD that may be causing them.

nothing is straight forward in this world, my mum had the shakes for 10 years before the GP agreed to check her out for PD. She had been on anti-psychotic meds and he put it down to them however after she lost all her movement and froze he agreed to refer her. We went private for the first consultation and the consultant agreed to do a Dexa scan and further treatment under the NHS. The scan confirmed she had advanced PD mainly on the left side, where her pain, stiffness and shakes were :o( 

I don't want to scare you anymore than you already are as my mums diagnosis was long overdue however she is only 65 at the moment and my dad is a fit 75 year old! I only wanted to say that there are many reasons for the shakes not just PD however, if you need to see a specialist, and you can afford one, a private consultation is worth it to speed things up a little although my mum is still in constant pain, housebound and struggling to find the correct meds for her :o( 

good luck and hope all goes well with your OH.