For the last few years have been having back pain on and off,last 3 months got worse can,t bend to put things in cupboards or food in oven etc.Can feel and hear my bones clicking loads more in knee and spine.Last week while I was just putting a sweet wrapper in bin I had pain in left buttock and thigh muscle went very tense.Next morning was in so much pain went to A&E was told pulled muscle and given pain killers.Monday after no sleep at all for couple of days and cramp like pain in thigh and calf even when resting went back to gp.Only managing to do 3 steps without needing to tears cos of the pain.Was told have sciatica and was given more pain relief.Now taking gabapent,diazepam,diclafenac,codeine and paracetemols still not managing to sleep.Nurse has referred me to a muscular specialist.
Just wondering if more common to have with parkinsons,really getting me down.Even just going in car to take kids to school is agony,takes couple of hrs lying on bed to feel bit better.Even need help going to toilet and showering,feel useless,can't even get out of bed or chair.
I got a walking stick couple of days ago just can't seem to get the hang of it plus legs hurt so much,people trying tto convince me into borrowing a wheelchair short term so able to get out for walks with dogs and kids to park to get out of house.Just got new puppy and missing taking it out.Just hate the thought of wheelchair and feel I,m letting parkinsons beat me.
Any advice please x
Dear Dotty,

I think you have two separate problems here as I have suffered with my back for 38 years and had a spinal fusion in 1981 so I know how painful it is. I was confined to bed for two years and severely restricted for at least 5 years, I still have constant pain even today accept the level of pain is more manageable now. I would definitely keep pushing for treatment as I was told there was nothing wrong with my back and eventually found that I had three worn disc's one completely worn away. After having the operation I was still in great pain for several years and stopped the physio as it caused more pain, so I then went to an acupuncturist and till go about every three weeks now. I was put on several tablets for the pain and fentenal patches, but I have problems with my stomach because of the years on them so I prefer to have acupuncture wich luckily works for me, it is also good with PD and is used a lot in China and other far eastern countries.
I also use a wheelchair out of the house and I must say it has opened up my life hugely, had I not decided to use one I would be housebound. I feel that people should use whatever aids you need and look at it as enriching your life, I used to be stuck in and have to see my husband and son go off on their own and it is not good for famlies to live like that.
If you are still in severe pain keep going back, I know muscles take around six months to heal but it sounds as if you may have more going on here.
best wishes
I have had disc problems in the past which have been trated with complete bed rest for 9 or 10 days followed by yoga/pilates type exercises to strengthen the support of the spine. Havee you had an xray to see if there is any damage or movement in the spine which could be causing the pain/?
Sorry forgot to say I am mainly pain free now, occasional twinge which gives me a warning I need to exercise more.
Sciatica can be very painful and it usually takes a few weeks before it gets better , which can happen as quickly as it comes on .

My husband suffered with it on many occasions even before he was diagnosed with Parkinsons , had a few since and found it very difficult to cope with .

Our Gp prescribed a low dose Amitriptyline , the antidepressant also used for nerve pain . As well as helping to sleep better he hasn't had sciatica since .
I forgot to mention that as well as sciatica for most of his adult life had a very painful right shoulder /neck which no GP or physio could help with .

It happens to be his worse Parkinsons side . Since being on Parkinsons medication this has dissapeared .

I can totally sympathise with everyone. I have suffered with sciatica for years on and off, but over the last 18 months it has progressed to such a degree i can't drive the car some days! I have tried physio, acupuncture, massage, Osteoppathy , pain relief (paracetamol, I believe gel, naprosyn, gabapentin ), all have helped slightly but it only returns worse than before!

Last week i was advised to visit a sports therapist who specialises in life coaching! I went feeling - what a waste of time/money - how wrong could i be. After talking through my symptoms and pointing out my sciatica is actually on my "good side" (right) he went through the psychology of pain, posture, exercise, diet and much more. I had to walk across the gym were he pointed out my posture had changed due to the Parkinson's then he started teaching me to walk again! I know how silly this sounds but after walking toes pointing in then out, swinging arms in various ways and much more I was in less pain and for the first time in two years could swing my arms without thinking. Apparently a lot of the problem is caused through learnt behaviour, in my case i have put pressure on my good side changing the way i walk causing sciatica and the muscles to go into spasm! I came away with couple of daily exercises and feeling good. I'm still in pain but at least i can bend and get out of bed and can sit on a chair. Hopefully after my next visit i'll be dancing!

Hello Big C,

That is very interesting, perhaps these therapists should get into schools as I think they could prevent a lot of people developing back problems. I often think of all the paper girls and boys doing the rounds with such a lot of weight on young bodies, also the school children carry so much more these days as most don't have school lockers like we used to.Perhaps your therapist would produce a dvd for pwp's,it might be worth getting in touch with PDUK.
Many years ago now I managed to get a local company to do one for our branch showing various activities for free, we sent it to PDUK for approval and once that was passed we gave a copy to our support worker to leave with newly diagnosed pwp's so they could get an idea of what a branch was like before they came.
Like you we have had to change all our chairs, beds and car's to accommodate my back condition, do try an automatic car it is much easier not only for back conditions but also pwp.
If you can swim even if you have to use an aqua belt that is really helpful but don't do breast stroke if you can help it, even just walking up and down and doing gentle leg movements in the water will be good.
The problem with pain especially back pain no-one can see how much you are suffering, I remember my husband saying take a walking stick people will treat you differently and it wasn't until I had to use a wheelchair that people understood, I have been unable to do many every day things but you have to work on what you can do don't you.
best wishes
Hi Vivian thanks for your reply. I'll definitely have a word with him. I'm sure he could really help pwp. I'm hoping to go back for another appointment soon, mind you like any other private therapist he charges the earth I was referred by my osteopath (i think he was getting fed up of me!) :laughing:[

I have read your posts over the past couple of years and really admire you. You and your husband have really gone through a lot over 30 years, i don't know how you have the energy to carry on. I myself am in the early stages of pd and nearly three years on i think i'm coping. I count myself very lucky my pd is stable at the moment so i try and get on with living.....

Keep on helping people your advice is really important