I have a chronic pain in both legs and buttocks due to extreme tension in the big muscles of my leg.It has not been relieved by any anti-neuropathic drug.
It is caused by the Parkinsons relentless tremor in the muscles of the legs so there is no way that can be stopped.
However I cannot believe that it cannot be managed.
My main problem is being unable to sit down and also problems sleeping.Once I get to sleep it is relieved because the tremor stops.But when I wake up, before I even move, the tremor starts, the buttocks tense up and the chronic nerve pain in all those big leg muscles is back.
Over time this is getting worse and is affecting my mobility more and more.
Can anybody help???
Sorry to hear about your pain, sounds very distressing. I don't have the type of pain you describe however I do get pain in my arm and shoulder. I saw my GP who prescribed Amitriptyline.

Amitriptyline is known as an anti depressant but in very low doses it acts as a muscle relaxant and it has made a big difference to me.

Maybe that could help you too?

hi sorry your suffering with this problem to,i have sciatica and i symerthize with you.i have pregablin for pain,mst morphine,and amitripyline,like caroline,3 at nite before bed to relax the muscles before bed.i have athritus of the spine also,so these meds also help with the pains there to.i would surgest a visit to gp agin and ask for stronger meds,i no lot people dont like meds,but some times we have to,pain cn make me phiscally be sick sometimes with out pain killers in me,i think my pain regime must be low.good luck,and please do keep in touch with us how your getting on :smile:
Hi olwen,

We recently had a question and answer(Q&A) session on pain in Parkinson's. You cna find the transcript there:

There are also links there to our information sheets on pain in Parkinson's.

All these suggest different approaches depending on the cause of the pain (some of which are unrelated to Parkinson's).

I hope it helps.

Olwen I would go to your doctor and ask if you can see a physiotherapist. I suffer with the same but I don't have Parkinsons and it helps tremendously with the stretching of the legs. I also have been to a chiropractor which helped a lot. Hope you get some relief soon. I do take Ibuprofen but not sure whether you can take this see your doctor first.
Owen, there is a very painful aspect of PD witch I noticed does not get mentioned
much on the forum, that is Dystonia this excruciating pain across my neck and shouldes has almost made me cry on too numerous occasions, describe you symptoms
to your Neurological Department at your local hospital and they will be able to confirm whether Dystonia is the problem and help you.
I hope all goes well fedexlike:smile: