Hi I have been diagnosed for nearly two years and often had back ache but since March I`ve had sciatica. The pain down my right leg is like an electric shock and I have awful back ache. I`ve been told my GP this is caused by the pressure on my right side due to the PD affecting my left side. The doctor prescribed pain killers/anti inflammatory (Naprosyn) but it affects my PD meds and stops them working also physio but its doing no good.

I just wondered if any one has experienced this or has a miracle cure as i`m at my whits end. I can cope with the tremor, anxiety, stiffness, slowness & tiredness and any other symptom PD can throw at me but sciatica is the limit!!

Sorry to sound so fed up but its great to have people who understand I just hope someone can give me some advice.

Big C (Chris)
Hi Big C,

I had had sciatic type pain, not the full blown electric shock, but unpleasant enough like toothache, which was worst at night and in fact just lately its niggling a bit but I can sleep. Have you tried lying on your side with a bolster or similar between your parallel legs (not necessarily straight). It works for me and has at least helped with others I suggested it to. The theory is it keeps your spine in the optimum position avoiding undue pressure. Someone else on this forum who took up this suggestion was ecstatic at getting the first night's real sleep for weeks. Worth a go.