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When my wife was diagnosed three years ago her neurologist joked that there was never a better time to get the disease as the medical profession was confident and optimistic of a cure or at least ways of stopping its progression within five years.

Since then it's all gone very quiet.

Was all the optimism being espoused back then by her neurologist and many other  "experts" unfounded and what is the current thinking on a breakthrough

Dave C

as an interested amateur i would say yes it is bit quiet BUT

1 - there is already an incredible treatment available - dbs

2 - your wife may be in the timeframe for GDFN to halt the disease

that should cater for the next 13  years at least.



Sounds familiar. When I was diagnosed 15 years ago the neurologist said something in similar vein.  Shortly after that I read a book by someone, who had the disease for more than 30 years and he had been given the hope too for a speedy cure. Such was the optimism, I suppose after the introduction of levodopa. He was less convinced after 30 years that it would happen in his lifetime and so am I. What might happen, i think, is, that they will find a way of slowing down the process before they find the final solution. We are all clinging to the most optimistic messages we receive almost monthly from research teams. We have to be more realistic and look at how long it takes for a new drug to come to market. From start to finish the production of new drugs take considerably longer than the neurologist's five years.

BUT, you never can tell, someone ( engaged in any type of research) might stumble by accident upon the solution......

What is GDFN Turnip



So far, I have been cured.  No more PD!   It could certainly come back though.  It is great to not have to be on any meds any longer.  I was not that advanced though.  I don't know if the cure works for someone rather advanced.  It would be interesting to try though.

glial derived neurotrophic factor. glial cells are the helper that do housekeeping for neurons. this stuff causes clls to regrow, in particular  think, the connectons to other cells.

it would only be beneficial for people who still have neurons to regenerate

jds6958 - for goodness sake tell us all bout it!!!!!!!!!!!

I simply take a million different supplements, all clinically proven to address primary and secondary root causes of PD.  When they are all taken together, synergestically, it seems to reverse PD, and stop progression.  

Sadly, it is expensive.  I spend about $500 a month in nutrition each month...but...I feel like I am 20 again, so that is a good side effect.  haha profile has a link to the website I created that details the protocol I take.

I have been so excited about the power of nutrition that I am starting a company in Costa Rica (where I live) to start introducing protocols for various medical conditions or health goals, partnering and networking with the top doctors in CR.  It is sad to see how little is available down here.