See sickness

Hi was wondering if anyone can tell me what they take for see sickness . I'm thinking of going on a cruise to the Caribbean and I'm scared of getting motion sickness  as not been on cruise before. I have been on boats before and feel sick . I take Azlect and low does levedopa . Will I be wasting my money going as my husband and friends want me to go . Your help would be much appreciated. 



Hi sparky,

i have done one cruise and hardly any motion noted at all. Only one part was noticeable but apart from that no problems so I didn't need any meds. I can't recommend anything but I'm sure pharmacist would. Hope you enjoy it. 




There is always a doctor on cruise ships especially the larger ones.  I like Lexi have only been on one cruise ,  was a late deal to Norway Fjords no problems as larger ships dont tend to throw you about as much as a boat.  I would not be able to miss this opportunity to go , it will be great! There are motion sickness wristbands as well as medication have a browse on the net to see whats available then you can plan ahead, dont forget your sun cream, enjoy xx

You don't   say if you are cruising to and from the UK, OR flying out to the Caribbean for a cruise. It really does make a difference as to, 'the motion of the ocean'. and also what time of year.To and from the UK you may get some rough weather before the Azores for a few days and the same on your return. IT may be great though.After the Azores   each day gets warmer until the Caribbean as the ship takes a southerly route and not the North Atlantic route towards New York.We have done the Caribbean in winter many times but always without flying, just by ship.

If you are flying out to join your ship in the Caribbean then the distances between islands are small and the weather is always good, except for the hurricane season which you should avoid. We love cruising and have done almost 400 nights at sea, loving every day of it. Thankfully neither us us suffer from seasickness but our neurologist said that Stugeron, even though the information leaflet advised against it if you are taking certain Parkinsons meds,is fine on a short term basis, Do check though with your neurologist.

Have a great cruise. Your first will definitely not be your last..... it's addictive and a great way to travel.

Yes I agree with teehee and Benji. Don't let that stop you going! Enjoy.