Seed based nutrition and Parkinson's disease

Hello everyone, my father-in-law is dealing with PD for almost 12 years. He is 70 years old. 9 month ago I heard about seed based nutrition and their effects on our body. The products are all natural, seed based, cold pressed, raw and vegan. I was curious so I asked if they had any results on PD. They told me to try with two different products for my father-in-law and I did that. From being totally slow, tired with constipation he is now a whole new person. He still uses his medication for PD beside this nutrition. The tremor in his left hand is still there, these products are not the cure, but they help him to function so much better. I was wondering if any of you have heard or used these product? Rain International is the company that makes them, and the products are Rain Soul Red and Rain Bend.