Seeking a magazine case study for anyone who has experienced drooling

Hello everyone, :wave:

We are seeking volunteers who have experienced drooling as a symptom of their Parkinson’s, and would be willing to share their story in the next edition of The Parkinson magazine.

The article will contain general information on drooling in Parkinson’s, alongside expert tips on how this symptom can be managed. Alongside this, we are keen to include a case study featuring someone who has experienced drooling and would be happy to share their story, and any tips they might have for others in the same position. The case study will be published in our online magazine on the Parkinson’s UK website.

We are also happy to publish the case study anonymously, if this is more comfortable for you.

The print magazine will be going to our editorial board for review in mid-February - so we are hoping to put together the case study by the end of January. Therefore, we would like to speak to any willing volunteers by Friday 22 January .

We hope this sounds like something of interest, and look forward to hearing from any willing contributors. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
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Hi I suffer with drooling when I am asleep but I haven’t had any treatment so I am guessing that you want to feature case study that has some positive outcomes for sufferers.

My pillow is drenched when I wake! Drool when sleep. I often Choke on my own saliva.

Hi @juju and @LittleMixWorry, :wave:

Thank you both for expressing interest in this opportunity - I will send you both a private message with further information on how we’d like to proceed with this.

To everyone else, I will be closing this thread as my colleague is satisfied with the number of volunteers that we’ve received. :slightly_smiling_face:

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