Seen consultant today at last!

Hello there,
We had the Dx today for PD. The way it happened was as follows:- we entered the Neuro's office,he sat us down and asked my husband to tell him about himself, how old are you? 65, are you working? No, What was your occupation? Fire Officer, and when were you dx with PD?
I answered he hasn't been dx, that's why we have come to see you. He was really taken aback,and apologised profusely for what he said.
Who has arranged for you to see me? I said I have,I found you on line. He told us then after apologising again, that he had seen my husband in the reception area,and knew as soon as he seen him that he had PD. That is why he assumed my husband had already had a dx.
He did all the tests, that people said he would,and told us that my husband has such clear PD symptoms its like black and white,but could not understand how he had been like this for so long without help or meds. He did say that my Husband is a sound case that there was no doubt. He said he would arrange for a mri scan just to dot the i's and cross the t's,but he is not expecting to find anything,because my husband is such a clear case of PD.
He has asked that OH takes place in Parkinsons UK research at the NHS hospital that he practices at. He really was wonderful, and worth every penny, he explained everything to us, he did say that OH in a range of low,middleling,severe,that he was middleling,which was a bit of a shock. He has doubled his meds, and will see him again mid April, see how he's doing,and make sure he's ok to go on holiday, but he said he felt it should not be a problem.
The fact that he had already made his mind up that OH had PD just by seeing him prior to any testing, has put our mind at rest. He did say that very rarely a stroke could bring this on, hence the mri scan just to be sure. Hope all this makes sense to you, at least the big wait is over. Love hols xxx ps he told me all about PUK and what a wonderful charity it was,and how he works with it. Really fabulous Neurologist,xxxxxxx
Good news, hollytree29!
I'm so glad to hear that your long, fearful wait is over. That was probably the worst part of this ordeal -- not knowing. Now you and your husband can work on counteracting PD as far as possible. And best wishes for a relaxing holiday. J
great news (really!). Of all the diseases he could have (with one or two minor exceptions) this probably the least worst and most treatable.
I know I was diagnosed in 5 seconds and in 90% of cases its bl**dy obvious.
there seems to be an enormous variation in the quality of care we get. In a few (hopefully very few) cases you have to wonder which cereal packet they found their qualifications in. A nice big dose of levadopa should see a big change.
Dont worry about it being 'middling' - he may have just been putting the symptoms down to old age or over-doing it for years. its an insidious disease and people don't recognise whats going on for years. it doesnt necessarily mean he is developing the disease quickly.
Hello Grey Cottage & Turnip, Thank you for your encouraging responses. I will help my OH fight this head on all of the way. I have had such positive vibes from you all at PUK, it's like having a brand new set of friends, wonderful friends. I have taken care of my Husbands brother for 15 years we took him in when his Mum died. As he is Downs Syndrome (but the most loving and affectionate person you could wish to meet)he has lots of other learning disabilities,and has the mind of a 5yr old. My husband, and I love him very much, although he can be exhausting, and very hard work, he is my husbands only family, so it was a no brainer to take care of him. This is a great strain for my husband now he has PD. I am blabbing on now excuse me, but what I am trying to say is we lost any close friends when we decided to have him with us, and have found it extremely hard to make friends. People just don't understand what it is like, they just treat you like Lepurs, we have come through all that for many years, so we will get through this as well,thanks again love holsx
How dreadful to be deserted when you most needed friends most. I suppose people were scared that with you taking in your brother in law demands might be made on them. There is always someone on line here ,day or night , when you need help. This is a group who try to help each other that stretches right across the world.
Hi Country Dancer, and thanks for your comforting reassurance,love holsx