Selegiline and alcohol. Not a good idea

A week or so ago, I sat down to supper after guzzling a few glasses of red wine.  I felt rather strange and uncoordinated.  This happened again a few nights ago.  I then looked up the side-effects etc.  No alcohol allowed.

That'll teach me to read all the literature enclosed with the medication.

But I like red wine. Whimper.


Hi Peter,

My neurologist said it was fine to have a glass or two, whilst taking Selegiline .....but I find white wine has less effect on meds., than red wine. Also OK with Selegiline is vodka, gin and champagne......obviously not all in the same glass and not in excessive quantities! I used to love red wine too, but have had to switch to white now. I know others with PD drink alcohol, so it's not a total no, no. With Christmas coming, you need to be able to join in the festivities and charge a glass or three, so I would say, go for it and enjoy!


Sorry to revive an old topic. I was just wondering if anyone had anymore thoughts on Selegiline and alcohol… … thanks


I can’t comment on Selegeline specifically because I don’t take it. But I have found that PD, PD meds and alcohol are a dodgy combination. I love a drink but have found nowadays anything more than a couple of glasses of wine I am in a bad state. Used to love a bottle of red on a weekend and always felt relaxed for having it. If I try that now I’m stuck to the sofa…

Hi justthisguy,
I take selegeline along with Madopar and used to love red wine,now I cannot take it at all .
I only take a glass ofwhite wine usually along with a meal and one is all I can manage,
Hope this info helps.
Cheers Anne d

Cheers. Looks like alcohol is OK in strict moderation. Thanks