Selegiline and alcohol

I have been prescribed selegiline to take alongside madopar,on picking up my prescription today,the advice leaflet says to avoid alcohol,i like a glass of wine most nights and maybe a couple of glasses or a cointreau at the weekend.
Does anyone take alcohol along with selegiline or is it best to avoid it completely.
I was prescribed ropinorole in November but stopped taking it as felt my legs were worse,hoping now that selegiline will be ok.Thank you for any advice
Hello Anne29

I’ve just started to take an MAOB inhibitor, to add to pramipexole. In doing my due diligence, I find that says:

“Eldepryl (selegiline) SPC: ... Concomitant use not recommended ... Concomitant use of hypertensive or anti-hypertensive agents, psychostimulants, central suppressant drugs (sedatives, hypnotics) and alcohol should be avoided.”

“Not recommended” and “should be avoided” don’t seem to me to be as strong as “Whatever you do don’t drink alcohol!” (But I’m no doctor, and you mustn’t rely on what I think!).

*However,* the other main MAOB-I , Rasagiline, has *no* indication that you should even “avoid” alcohol. (Guess which I’m taking ...)

Yours soberly

i regularly combine the two
Thanks semele and turnip for your replies,shall have a little wine and see how it goes,it also says not to take with amitrypmaline and if you have high blood pressure, these also i have,checked with my gp who thinks it should be ok,but to get my blood pressure checked after I have been on them for a few weeks.:stuck_out_tongue: