Selegiline and alcohol

I am about to start on Selegiline 5mg per day. On the instruction leaflet it says not to take alcohol.(In big bold letters) I dont drink much or often but on occasion enjoy a glass or two. Can anyone explaine why no alcohol at all.


According to the mayo clinic

When selegiline is taken at doses of 10 mg or less per day for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, there are no restrictions on food or beverages you eat or drink. However, the chance exists that dangerous reactions, such as sudden high blood pressure, may occur if doses higher than those used for Parkinson's disease are taken with certain foods, beverages, or other medicines.

So its down to the 'cheese effect' where taking too much mao-b inhib turns it into a mao=a inhib as well which means that tyramine is not processed correctly and a sudden and very nasty case of high bp can result.

personnaly speaking, i have had no trouble with selegeline and alcohol, though i would suggest that if you choose to have a drink you might want to avoid port or real ale and opt for gin or vodka.
Thanks turnip I knew someone would know. Going away for the weekend so will have a glass or two of wine then start meds when I come home.I really don't want to start them but needs must as I am getting slower and stiffer and my writing is tiny.
All the information about Selegiline says it is totally safe at the reccommended low dose.
My husband had hypertensive crises, diagnosed as TIAs inspite of that and in spite of no problems on MRI scan. We ended up with a season ticket to A & E which was impossible.
Careful and lengthy searches on Google found the words "usually" which led to the information that there are sometimes peculiar reactions.. We cut out a whole list of tyramine containing foods and the TIAs went. His was an atypical reaction which is rare but does sometimes happen. The Selegiline was stopped, he is back on a normal diet and no TIAs for over two years

Tyramine forms in foods as they age. This is why wine and cheese and all sorts of preserved foods like "summer sausage" are high- and also banana skins:astonished:. Tyramine is not a baddie in itself - it just needs to be in balance.

Anyway it just goes to prove whatthey all tell us- everyone is differentand for us Selegiline is a NO. For other people its a YES
I, too have just been advised to take selegiline in small doses. Hate the thought of being on medication for the rest of my life. Just hoping that no nasty side effects occur. Good news about the gin and vodka though!!