Selegiline and asthma

Hi I've just started on selegiline  (1.25 mg dissolvable on tongue) with aim to even out the effect of sinemet  I find I get clumsy as my dose starts to wear off and drag left foot . I've used it for a month now and side effects of nausea and dizziness have settled and I think it's have desired effect .

Problem is my asthma's been bad winter so far with constant chest infections and asthma attacks . I'm usually controlled on ventolin( salbutamol inhaler) but this last time I found it did not work as well needing to take far more to get same effect . The info on selegiline states to discuss with dr if using with salbutamol but they don't seem to have a clue  .

has anyone else had a problem using selegiline  with asthma med

Having trouble with finishing last post so started new box ! 

I don't want to stop taking selegiline as need to give it chance to have effect but obviously if it effects asthma control it's no good . Any advice ,options greatly appreciated