I’m 48 years old and had covid for the first time last summer. Lost completely my previously strong sense of smell, now I only have a very weak one. At the end of November I started experience multiple weeks of insomnia, which never happened to me before. My memory is also not what it used to be, but I kept thinking it was stress, hormones and/or long-covid. Then, a couple of weeks ago my thumb started twitching non-stop. I do a lot of physical exercise and have been practicing a lot of yoga, so I thought I overdid it. Had a break from yoga and weightlifting for a few days, but the twitching persisted almost non-stop. Finally, I started using google and found out the Parkinson’s symptoms list. I am trying to book an appointment with my GP but without success. Even with my weak sense of smell I’ve notice a strange BO on me. This together with other signs …I almost can self-diagnose myself.

I will be active here to keep learning as much as I can and hopefully, soon after the official diagnosis, get the right meds to keep myself as healthy as I can for as long as possible.

Thank you for being here.

Hi and welcome to our forum, @AnaH. I’m sure the friendly members here will jump in soon to say hello and talk about their own experiences.

I hope you don’t have to wait too long to see your GP. Sitting around wondering and worrying is really challenging. Your GP will be able to assess your symptoms and refer you to a specialist, who is the only person who can make an official diagnosis.

While you wait, you’ll find our website a really good source of information and resources. In the section on What is Parkinson’s: What is Parkinson's? | Parkinson's UK you can read a lot about how Parkinson’s is diagnosed. Just scroll down the page.

Keeping as informed and as healthy as possible are really good goals. Our helpline on 0808 800 0303 is one way of getting advice and support while you wait to see your doctor and will remain a touchstone for you throughout your journey.

Take care
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I hope you get to see your GP soon. Good luck!

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