Self help books

I would be interested in knowing what self help books have helped people with Parkinson’s. I have only been diagnosed a few months and still trying to get used to feeling weak and not being in control of my body. Many thanks.

The only book I’ve read is the PD Warrior book, “The New Parkinson’s Treatment: Exercise is Medicine” by Melissa McConaghy, which I found very interesting and useful. Someone on the forum yesterday recommended a couple of books, I think, but I can’t find the thread. Maybe they’ll read this thread and respond.


Not really a self help book but Michael J Foxes book “Lucky Man” certainly helped me to come to terms with the diagnosis and put things into perspective.

Definitley an inspiring read

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Thank you

Hi there,
Rather than self help books, I found that an exercise class aimed at people with PD was the best thing for improving core strength. It made me feel stronger and more in control. Good luck!

Thank you Shawsy but I can’t seem to find a class in Brentwood.

I was referred to one by the PD nurse. They don’t always get funding for the classes, though. There are also some helpful exercises on line too. Worth a try?

hi if you cant find a class for PD try TAI CHI I have been going to a class for 6 years now, and I find it very helpfull

I am very sorry indeed to hear about this Margs. I care for my Mum who’s had PD since she retired (62) and she is now 90. I’ve been with her full time for the past 5 years and I’ll try to help you all I can to understand your PD if you’d like me to. I never find any suitable reading matter about this condition but I do find (YTube) several very interesting talks given by professional people (specialists, doctors or PD nurses) so that an understanding can be reached. I also find that Mum’s Parkinson’s nurse has much information and is a mind of knowledge. If you are assigned, or should I say when, perhaps she will be happy to assist you in any way?
I have also found that PD seems to control people in different ways. Mum never cared to delve too deep to find out what her own PD was doing to her as an individual, but since I started helping her she has come to realise that she can ‘‘control’’ it better, has a reasonably active time still, and I hope always will.

Thank you Dee. Any advice would be helpful. I went to a PD Warrior exercise class today which was very good. I meet my Parkinson’s nurse next week, so I am now getting, hopefully, into the right frame of mind.

I have had a few times when I have felt very tearful and anxious, which is not like me at all butnthunkncould be parrot the illness?