Self isolation

How is everyone’s self isolation going? The Old Dear who lives next door has offered me a slice of cake which she made yesterday. She has a heart of gold but I don’t think that accepting such is conducive to what should be achieved by ‘self isolation.’ The risks are too great - there’s so much at stake here. I could even take a slice and say ‘thanks’ but put it in the bin but I don’t think I’ll go as far as that

I have not been to work since the advice on self isolation came out and do I feel guilty. All my teacher colleagues are manning the school as best they can.
My worry is how much time my husband is spending in the garage…:slight_smile:


Hi All
I am going nuts stuck in a small one bedroom flat all day. All the days are merging into one long nightmare. I am to bored to do anything. Since I have self isolated the weather has been bright and sunny (Not helpful) I have decided to do all the things I never got around to doing. I have at least twelve weeks to fill so now is the time. I have just bought a roll out full size piano and I am going to learn to play it. I know I will be no Elton John but more of a Les Dawson however anything to take my mind off of the depressing news. I am also going to get a bit fitter, correction a lot fitter. The only exercise I am getting is walking from the sofa to the fridge and back. My fathers side of the family are from Italy so I am going to learn Italian. I am trying to turn a negative situation into a positive. I have made a list of all the things I have been putting off. So hopefully by the end of all this I will be a piano playing, muscle bound Italian speaking know it all. Take care all . Jeffino

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I can relate to this :grimacing:
In my head I’m going to be a lot fitter with an incredibly tidy flat but I fear that the reality may be that I will be plumper with out of control hair by the time I emerge :slight_smile: I too live on my own and it turns out that I’m not great company when you spend a lot of time with me! I tried some online exercise classes but they were really tricky so I was reduced to following a class led by Oti from Strictly Come Dancing based on a Jungle Book theme for children. I am going out for walks otherwise I would go totally mad but if you live on your own, there’s no one to walk with. Ho hum, I might try plugging the ancient Wii Fit in tonight and try the dance program in my onesie :-S. Jx

How can anyone go into self isolation if the people they live with don’t do the same?

I am very lucky that isolation is relatively easy for me. It makes me feel a bit guilty at what other people are going through.

There is just me and my husband. We live in a remote spot, so we were already isolated geographically. We have a big garden and are on the SW Coastal Path, so we can go for a walk without meeting anyone.

The biggest challenge in the last few weeks has been getting food delivered, but we already had a small stockpile (a benefit of being a pessimistic remoaner) and I’ve now managed to get deliveries two weeks running with another one booked next week. We have a neighbour who is over 70 and we are ordering for him too.

I was devastated when the local PUK group stopped all activities because I loved attending the physio exercise class and the movement to music, so I am delighted that the physio exercise has started up again using Zoom.

Another challenge has been medicine. My current PD drug regime needs adjusting due to a combination of wearing off and dyskinesia at peak dose, but I can’t get in contact with my neurologist or the local Parkinson’s nurse. I was seeing my neurologist privately at the nearest Nuffield Hospital, but that is being taken over by the NHS and I have no way of getting a message to him. However, I’ve taken advice from the invaluable PUK helpline. The nurse suggested a rejigging of my drugs based on what my GP has prescribed for me in the past, so should feel comfortable prescribing me again, and I’ll be speaking to my GP about it tomorrow.

There is a very well organised coronavirus volunteer group locally working with our excellent health centre. My prescription will be delivered by one of the volunteers.

So overall, not too bad so far.

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Jackson, we’ve dug out the Wii Fit, it’s good fun especially the obstacle course!

Everyone else, don’t forget you’re still allowed out for exercise! So important to get some fresh air and daylight, so get out there and walk, run, cycle or pogo-stick!

Hi Jeffino, I am in a one bedroomed flat, going on to my fourth week. I’ve worn a path from the sofa to the fridge and back !! I have borrowed my friends keyboard so I’m hoping for the Les Dawson School of piano players. I have been to Italy a few times. Venice, Rome and Florence, such a beautiful country. I have been learning a little Italian online. A friend of mine bought me an exercise bike, as the gym is a no no. So along with all the keep fit classes online and Mr Motivator I’m hoping to get fit as well. Luckily I do have a small garden,so if it’s good weather tomorrow I shall take my tablet and try and learn some Italian. Well look after yourself try nktto go nuts ha! ha! Kind Regards Teresa

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I love your positive attitude despite your circumstances. Keep posting, you cheered me up.

Hi everyone & Jeffino how’s it all going ? Well I’ve looked up hill and down dale. Amazon, Tree Gum, EBay, the back of the sofa £2-50 !!! Behind the wardrobe and the telly. Still no Les Dawson piano by numbers !! Mis information.:thinking: I couldn’t watch the news anymore, just :frowning:. So I thought I would say hello :laughing: Found my yoga magazine from 2013 that will keep me busy for 20 minutes !! Plus a colouring book and crayons ! Happy Daze ! I would recommend having a root you nevef what you might find. It’s just putting it back that’s the tricky part !! Jeffino how’s the Italian coming along ? I listen to radio 3. I know not everybody’s cup of tea. They have some interesting folk groups or solo muscians on usually about t time 6pm ish. I’m lucky I have a garden so I can play wall tennis and try that skipping rope again !!! It’s been a long time!! Has anyone done any virtual tours ? Are they free ? My brother bought me the latest book by Hilary Mantel The Mirror and the Light what a brilliant author she is. When all this is over I’m starting a tribute act Shaking Stevens you knew that anyway !!! It’s taken me 2 days to right this :smile::smiley: Has anyone seen the video with the Cocker Spaniel with the Scottish accent Hilarious !!! Well I’m going to put that cauliflower cheese in the microwave :stew: Please keep safe everyone hope this has gone some way to cheering you up Jeffino !!!:grinning: Get backto that piano I will be asking questions later !! Kind Regards to all Teresa

With HM resurrecting ’ we’ll meet again’ , is anyone using FaceTime, or Zoom, or Google Duo to keep in touch with friends and family during ’ lock down’?

We use FaceTime everyday to family in Denmark, Spain, California, and the U.K. and I use Zoom and Duo a couple of times a week to keep in touch with friends in ’ group’ meetings/ chats, even voice therapy sessions.

With all of the technology available to us today, self isolation doesn’t mean shutting ourselves off from others.

Our local PUK physiotherapy exercise class and our Movement to Music class are continuing using Zoom.