Sense of achievement

Depending where you are along the Parkinson's journey your physical and mental abilities will vary 

i believe its important to try something every day that you can look back on before bedtime and say "that worked or if not I will try again tomorrow"

It may be the crossword in the paper or a few lines in you next blockbuster novel

it may be getting out of bed or a walk in the fresh air. 

You decide and take pride in your ability to do whatever you can,

personally ilike learning new stuff we never had so much information to our fingertips

might as ell use it to do something. and watching Jeremy Kyle and daytime tv  in general does my head in

Below I list some links to free stuff that may give you somthing to think about 

any one else got ideas then please post

i never cease to. Be amazed by the talent on this forum

they even give a certificate.   Yipeeeeee
Sit back and watch 
P mac 




Hi Pmac,

Great to see you are so positive.

As a PwP, I have read that the cognitive skills that become impaired for us are:

  • Executive functions - trouble making the big decisions, overwhelmed when having to make choices
  • Attention difficulties - not able to stay on task, trouble concentrating on a group conversation or where there is background noise
  • Slowed thinking
  • Word finding - not having the right word at your fingertips, but it comes to you later
  • Learning and remembering information - trouble storing information such as phone calls and sequences of events
  • Imagery and spatial processes

I went to a Train Your Brain lecture 6 weeks ago.  (how to maximise memory in older adulthood)

The professor recommended over 50 things to help.

One of them was sudoku. It was better than a crossword, as that is only information retrieval.

Another was Lumosity, for brain training games.

WIth Lumosity, you can tailor your exercises to work on the skills you want. If you read the list, you may think you want to work on them all.



Hello Sheryll 

What else can we do but stay as positive as possible 

its the only choice we have is how we react  to a DX of Parkinson.

its either  "curse the darkness or light a candle "

Luminosity looks good ,  but  I hate Soduku  what were the other 48  thinks to help  ??


i'm off to the BBC site maybe i  can learn to say goodnight in Mandarin tonight  !!!!


take care 



OK, I have typed them all up. There are 52 things.

Cognitive stimulation

  1. Read a book
  2. Order a subscription to a newspaper
  3. Do crossword puzzles
  4. Participate in activities, classes and programming in the community
  5. Join a club or other organization
  6. Visit with (= talk to) friends
  7. Take a class at a local community college or university
  8. Go to a sporting event
  9. Try to develop a new hobby
  10. Take different routes to frequent destinations
  11.  Go to a different grocery store
  12. Take a trip to a new place
  13. Go dancing or take a dance class
  14. Begin using email
  15. Volunteer
  16. Write a letter
  17. Join a book club
  18. Try learning a foreign language
  19. Part time job
  20. Gardening – consider becoming a master gardener
  1. Read new magazines
  2. Listen to the radio
  3. Play (new?) board games
  4. Visit museums
  5. ElderHostel
  6. Join Facebook
  7. Memorize a new song or piece of music
  8. Try using the bus
  9. Cook new recipes
  10. Sewing
  1. Join a chorus or local orchestra
  2. Buy furniture that needs assembly
  3. Get involved in politics
  4. Program your VCR and other electronic devices
  5. Learn to juggle
  6. Begin journaling
  7. Complete jigsaw puzzles
  8. Toastmasters
  9. Attend medical lectures at hospitals
  10. Knitting
  11. Counted cross stitch embroidery
  12. Try using the self-scan checkout at the grocery store
  13. Participate in a play
  14. Volunteer at a church (e.g., teach Sunday School classes)
  15. Organize volunteer efforts
  16. Board games (see
  17. Learn sign language
  18. Thinking cards, mental fitness cards
  19. Daily emails sent to you (e.g., Spanish word of the day, word of the day)
  20. Sudoku (
  1. Wordfinds
  2. iPads (or tablets?) – Lumosity, Fit Brains, Sudoku2, Tetris, Brain Lab, MemBlock, Stroop Effect