Sense of smell

Hi all
Ive read that one of the Parkinsons symptoms is a loss of the sense of smell
I have a strange one , where i can smell a smell like exhaust fumes all the time, where ever I am, and no body else can I read that this is called olfactory hallucinations.
Any one else have this strange symptom or am i going potty ?

Thanks Crusader

Hi Crusader,

As it happens just this week I have twice had the idea I can smell some kind of "fumes". Once at yoga where it was suggested it was the perfumed ball we rest our heads on but I wasn't convinced and tonight at my sons house I could faintly detect the same smell. Once I was dx and took sinemet some of the smells I had lost - e.g.smelling roses and the ozone at the seaside - did in fact return. As I understand hallucinations come when you have lost a sense and your brain is attempting to fill the gap so to speak whereas my sense of smell never went completely. Curioser and curioser

I've just read my above post and - no - it isn't me the smell is emanating from!! I hope

sometimes a smoky smell is a chronic sinus infection

I too have experienced this for about two years now, no one else can smell it but me and it is quite intense at times. thank god for this website :wink: I am slowly feeling normal again.

Heather here I also have the problem with smell :confused:I lost some of my smell when i had chemotherapy but I also note that I some times can smell very strong odours and especially like a burning fume smell, I have had rem sleep disturbance thrashing out screaming and my poor husband has been a punch bag on occation,but several times I have been convinced that the room is on fire as I have seen smoke and have the smell disturbance at the same time, I did note that when I was put on sinemet plus 2 tabs 5 x daily the smell started so I blamed the drug is any one else on this drug that has the smell disturbance ??.:question::rolling_eyes:

Phew, cheers guys
So Im not going totally potty then
I supposse its just one of the many oddities that this thing throws our way :grin:

Hi all,

I'm on Sinemet.

Hi crusader
I've just read your message,no your not potty.youve explained something that I had four years before I was dx.i didn't know the cause until one thanks..I had it for a while driving to and fom work and put it own to fumes on the duel carriageway.but in the home I sometimes get the smell of burning wood.any medical pain etc type in Parkinson's then the condition and you will find out if it is related you be surprised how much is down to pd.

Hi have lost the sense of smell and I get wired smell that no one else smells . I like the smell of flowers and food cooking but is all gone .its like when you wash or put perfume on you don't know if you washed properly or put to much perfume on i ask my children I fill so silly .