Sensitive to noise

Is anyone sensitive to noise?

I feel like everything is louder and I jump quite a lot.

It is the opposite with me. I feel that I’m getting deaf. My husband agrees with me. But I had a hearing test which came back normal.

In the past ,when I’ve been under severe stress I’ve experienced enhanced sensitivity to noise. Do you think maybe that is what is happening to you now?

Hi Jane,
The only thing I am stressed about is finding out if I have mr p or not, i am still waiting for a dx, and with all my other symptoms I was just thinking could this be another one, thanks a lot for the reply.

‘The only thing’? That’s enough!

I’ve had a lot of stress over the years, one thing on top of another, then stress free for a bit, but now the only stress I have is not knowing what is wrong with me, why doesn’t my arm swing when I walk, everything seems louder, tremor, etc etc…as soon as I know what’s wrong then I’ll feel a lot better, even if it is mr p, at least I’ll know.

Hyper sensitive to unexpected loud bangs, and never used to be. Best I can describe it is like the impulsive reaction troops have immediately after leaving the frontline, there are time I have to stop myself diving for cover

hi I found hypersensitivity to noise a big problem at start . I also found being a passenger in a car very frightening convinced we would crash as too fast and too close. these settled over time.
hope this helps