Serrapetase does it work for PD

I've been reading about Serrapetasefrom silkworm , it promises a help to a lot of diseases including parkinsons. But I cant seem to find simple reviews to say anything about it.

Has anyone heard about it , am I behind everyone else in finding it , has or is anyone taking it ? My biggest problem is neck and shoulder stiffness , I wonder if this would help .

Any comment would be great ,  a bit confused on taking it or not xxxxxx

 ive not heard of it but from wikipaedia

Some alternative medicine proponents claim that serratiopeptidase is beneficial for pain and inflammation but "existing trials [have been] small and generally of poor methodological quality."  Online medical journal Bandolier (specializing in Evidence-based thinking about healthcare) published an article in response to a reader's enquiry about serratiopeptidase.  After searching PubMed and the Cochrane Library "to see if there are any randomised, controlled trials", the article stated that the "evidence on serratiopeptidase being effective for anything is not based on a firm foundation of clinical trials."

you could always try it.

Thankyou for youre help , Im a bit wary of trying them , not enough research and evidence .  Thanks for helpin



                      ponco x