Has anyone found taking sertraline does not work well with Parkinson’s meds. I’ve been taking it for about 5 weeks and feel fruit looped. Thinking of coming off it as my Parkinson’s symptoms are worse but my mood has lifted. Not worth it though . I’m so shaky and can hardly stand up as l feel like lm falling over more than ever… My doctor prescribed it for low mood as the PD nurse said she couldn’t prescribe antidepressants

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Hi i tried it but didnt like . My pd consultant recommended mirtazapine which im on now and its fine

First of all, I am sorry you have to go through that. In my experience, everyone reacts differently to drugs, whether they are TCAs, SSRIs, etc. One medication can relieve one person of all the anxiety or depression while making another person a zombie. If you really need the help (and it seems you might), you should keep searching for the right one.

thank you for your replys Its a nightmare trying to get the meds right.