Severe Sciatica

Is there anyone out there with the same problem.?
My tremor is mainly within the muscles of my rt leg which has worsened over approx 2 yrs and gradually given rise to a sciatic nerve pain which is almost intolerable now.
I cannot sit down with out a pack of ice under me which numbes the pain.
Same at night . thats how I go to sleep.the pain wakes me after about 3 hrs when the ice warms up.
My Pain clinic has had me on Pregabalin which gives no benefit and I hated the side effects so am now only on a small dose.
My PD drugs are Sinemet 125mgs 4 times a day and Ropinerole 12 mgs daily.these dosages have not been changed since about 2 yrs.
Anyone with any suggestions please??
My quality of life is getting lower as each month passes.
Hello Olwin,

I haven't got pd my husband has but I am the one with a chronic back condition so know what pain you are going through. After many years on different tables to no avail I now have acupucture which reduces the pain and has got rid of it altogether, I do go private and have treatment regularly but it makes life a lot better. I now have a problem with the bottom of my feet with makes it quite painful when driving more than an hour, but after having several treatments this is also improving I am glad to say. Don't forget acupucture is used for PD in China and the like so it shouldn't harm you.
best of luck