Severe shooting pain in toe and swollen ankles

Hi all

Roy is new to the forum and would like to know if any one has experienced a very sharp shooting pain in their toe - (like a hot needle)accompanied by swollen ankles. He has had this twice today and once a few days ago. The GP has asked him to see the nurse about some blood tests as he is unsure of what it might be. He has had PD for 6 years now and generally copes well with it so the shooting pain is a bit of a worry for him. Has anyone else experienced this or could it be that it is not PD related? Hopefully someone on the forum can help.
kind regards

Hi Irene and welcome to the forum. Also hello to Roy. My husband also has pains in his legs and ankles (sometimes sharp). He doesnt have swelling in his feet/ankles but does in his right wrist and hand (the side PD affected at the moment).

Hi Irene,

Has gout been considered? The way you describe the pain is how I recall gout which I suffered from a while back. I don't recall ankle swelling, but now I'm prone to that as a side effect of PD meds.

Good news if it is gout, change of diet cured it for me. No meds required.

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