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Hi everyone when me and the wife are doing the bad thing if I'm standing up doing it I find my right arm and leg shake uncontrolably making very hard to stand up and I feel that I'm going to fall over lol:laughing: I know it's a funny question to ask but does anybody out there have problems like this or is this just normal with pd I've been dx nearly 3 years now thanks for listening :stuck_out_tongue:
Wow a new position to try!!

You have not told us your age and believe me that is relevant.

Seriously though, my tremor goes of the richter scale whenever I get
1)excited 2) agitated 3) aggravated 4) tired. All four are now part of my sex life.

I was thinking yesterday that I have seen very little regarding this topic so I was very pleased to see your post today. Let's hope that it is picked up by others and broadened into a full and frank discussion.
I think that happens anyway if you do it standing up!!!!
Alright bogman I'm nearly 48 it must be the excitment then that makes me tremor worse or the fact I'm getting some:laughing:After4 weeks,my tremor is only really bad for a few minutes during and then it goes back to normal as can be,I also suffer like ur self when I'm Tired it can be abit of a bitch & christo ur probably right standing up always gives u a knee trembler :laughing: how do u suffer when ur doing the bad thing christo thanks for posting
Seriously Kev, I think it is excellent therapy for PD sufferers, as long as you can manage it. I struggle to do anything other than the missionary position, although it works quite well with me underneath and wifey on top. You just have to see what works best for you.

Hope the moderators don't mind us discussing this.
In the words of the song,

Bird's do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it.......

If the mods were to censor this ( and I don't think for a moment that they will) then I for one am off!

For me I can handle the trembling because it's very difficult to fall of the floor.

The bigger issue is the rampant libido which can go on without end and I mean this in th literal sense.

Still it is better than prem!
Thank God for the free Viagra on the NHS, LOL.

If Cameron withdraws(lol) this provision he can stick his policies vertically.
Interesting point. My personal experience regarding Da's is at 3.1 MIRAPEXIN, rampant libido following reduction when reduced to 1.5. Now on 2.1 and functioning naturally although failure to climax is a recurring issue.:rolling_eyes:
Hello Bogman,

My husband used to have the same problem all action but failed to complete, we have tried many situations and what with my chronic back condition and his pd and apo pump flapping around it was always quite a effort [u]Plus[/u] when starting meds for the day I always left the room pretty quickly other wise I would never get out.He reacts like this when switching on after every bad off state.
This causes problems when you have carer's and we always had a note on his bedroom door 'his time' so that he would not be disturbed, this is also causing problems at the nursing home as they don't understand he can't help fiddling, I say as soon as you see him doing this please leave the room and give him some privacy.
In my own experience I have attributed any sexual dysfunction to the antidepressant meds I was on at the time.
citalopram seemed to make it hard to climax
amitriptyline was different - it was hard to get hard
escitalopram was/is similar to citalopram but not so pronounced.

Ironically while suffering some anti depressant driven inability to do the deed properly I also had a bit of a close shave with DA induced hypersexuality. Rampant and insatiable at 12mg Ropinirole/day - but now well controlled at 8mg/day.

Things are better now but at one point I was unable to stop thinking about sex but not really able to do anything 'productive' about it.

Hello Elegant Fowl,

My husband had problems with hyper-sexuality with just dopamine which got worse with requip/repinerole and he was only on 6mg and now on4mg but still has problems, unfortunately when they tried taking away the 4mg he was completely unable to move or function in any way at all and was suffering so badly he had to go back onto them hence the problems in the nursing home as that is the part of the body that re-acts first to the meds.
I know that sex is a problem for many people of both sexes and I remember a gentleman in his seventies saying to me that he keeps the house up together as well as the shopping, washing, ironing and gardening and then his wife kept on to him for sex and he said I just can't do it vivian, it caused a big problem for them and it was not long after that his wife had to go into a nursing home and he was treated for depression and a heart attack followed poor man, so you see it happens both ways.
It strange but in a group I used to know three men with pd left their wives and went off with other women after their wives giving so much support to them it must have really hurt.
best wishes vivian
I don't have the same problems that you'd seem to, however I do suffer from cramp in my hips and feet at very inconvenient moments. It is very frustrating, keep having to stop because of cramp.
It's called coitus interruptus. Have you noticed that the cramps are less painful.

Having read Vivian's piece about the poor guy acting as Carer and all the attendant problems he has had, I am more than surprised that this section is not receiving more comments than usual.

Sex is central to our wellbeing and when things are not right in that department everything else is out of kilter.

I would like to hear from partners of PWP's and find how they cope with the demands. I would also like to know what the drug companies are doing to lessen the side effects of the pills we take.
Excuse missing words,can,t say certain words anymore,or type them.Not important why.
Anyway,since stopping Ant d's.Been taking number of months since stopping Mirapexin,then moving on to sinemet.Highest dose of Ant D's,gave a lull sexually.Ironic that Wife was hyped from reading "Shades of Grey"trilogy.Moving then to stronger stuff.
Never one to say no,always have had the higher sex drive.Ant D's had to go.Sex life now through the roof.Sex is important,it is essential to **.* find that reassurance and a state of being loved there.When it is not there,as when * was on Da's in the past,alternatives were sought elsewhere.If things were like they are now back then,* may still be on DA's.Isen,t it bloody ironic.
Mind you,not complaining now,spent £120 at sex shop to add to our armoury.
Suppose * should be radiantly ecstatic
Well it helps
sex is extremely important
That must be very awkward - end up sounding like Tarzan 'do you want a bun?' 'Titan want bun'. Might go down well in the bedroom.
Seriously, am glad to hear that all is well with your partner.

How to cure impotence

First catch your rhino (just joking)
I think many men with pd have trouble because of lack of stimulation of certain muscles such as the bulbospongiosus muscle (great name!). I have found that a simple exercise can help considerably.

lie on your back on a firm bed or mat on the floor. press down on your heels and on your shoulders slightly raising your bum of the ground and tightening your buttocks. Do 3 times each morning. Can also help with bladder control.

if anyone finds this helpful please consider sending a donation (of money!) to the Turnip Thai Massage Trust.
So, I'm pleased to know so many stories had a happy ending.
turnip massage?
makes a change from swedish massage....
root vegetable jokes will (three endings for this sentence came to mind, all of them very rude so I shall stop there and you can imagine the rest)

I’m sorry for you dude. My uncle had impotence due to the fact that he did not cure erectile dysfunction in time and then began to use low-quality drugs. It all started with the fact that the doctor advised him one pharmacy and he bought low-quality Viagra from there and as a result, he got impotence. That is why before buying any medicine, look at online pharmacy comparisons and only then make purchases from there. As for impotence, try Kamagra or Cialis. They are very effective and have few side effects.

What baffles me is that every bone and muscle in my body become stiff and rigid except the one that you would want to. Somebody up there is having a laugh