Hi I know shaking or tremor is a big part of PD however does anyone else have anything else that helps them with the shakes as it’s constantly throughout the day and even whilst sleeping.


Hi MissK, i have just posted a response to a similar question regarding Madopa which might help.



Hi thanks for replying, Sorry I’m new to this show do I see your post??


Hi @MissK, Happy New Year.
When you log on you should get a screen showing recent posts together with logos of members who last posted replies.
Scroll down until you find Madopa ( Co beneldopa ), if it’s not there click on MORE. Then you will get a screen showing a condensed version. again scroll down until you find the item, click on the title and that will bring up the latest member who replied
Scroll up to find the original question/post and the subsequent replies I think my reply was second or third.
I hope that helps
Happy hunting.



Hi MissK
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