Shaking in the legs

Hi! I’m new to the forum. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2010 and I am very proud of the way he has coped. He is 82 years young and still manages to do quite a lot. He dealt very well on his own last year when I was hospitalised with ovarian cancer. Both he and the dog survived! At the moment he is having trouble with his legs - in late evening his legs start to shake and he says that they feel as though they are alive inside - not a nice feeling. He had a blood test which came back ok, so we await next week to see what our GP says. Perhaps its restless legs, but whatever it is it will be blamed on Parkinsons! I have found with Parkinsons that a sense of humour is vital and as we have no relatives living anyway near we are on our own.

Hi @Tiggywig,

Welcome to the forum.

You and your husband are true survivors and it sounds like you have an incredible bond. I know you’ve mentioned that you have have already contacted his GP, however, we have a lot of information on restless leg on our website which you may find useful. You can read it here.

If you need any addition support, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline service and speak to one of our trusted advisers on 0808 800 0303.

I’m sure you’ll receive a lot of support from your fellow forum members, however, do take care until then.

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Hi Tiggywig - welcome to the forum and love the Tiggywig name! You and your hubby are both a credit to togetherness, and loyalty.

I am sure the ‘live legs’ as hubby describes is one of the symptoms of PD known as restless legs which you have mentioned (they have t/shirts that say ‘blame it on the Parkinsons’ !!). I’m sure you will get some satisfaction from your GP through some medication otherwise perhaps your local PD nurse can help or the phone the helpline.

Take care both and all the best - Sheila x

Thank-you Sheila, its nice to know we are not alone

Thank-you Reah,
Our Parkinsons nurse very kindly down-loaded the info for us.

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Hi Liz - no you are not alone, no one is on the forum, if there is anything you want to talk about, or discuss you can guarantee someone will have some advice. There is a Social site also where you can write poems, join in games etc., so there is lots to do


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Hi Liz
Im newly diagnosed but they noticed it early
It was still a shock when it was confirmed but deep down i knew
PD isnt easy what ever age it comes and i thought did i bring this on myself
The answer is no
Yes i have but it doesnt have me
I chatted to so many people like ourselves but ive never lost my sense of humour
If you or hubby need to chat , let of steam message me , click on my name and send me a message i will always reply
Take care keep smiling

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Hi Keith,
Thanks for the e-mail. Parkinsons hits you hard when you have always led a very active life and frustration sometimes kicks in. My husband struggles with little things like fitting a screw into its slot - its ok if it goes in first time, but not if he has to fiddle. But that is what I am here for! I must say that during the last few years I have added lots of incidentals to my CV! But I look round and think that we are fortunate as there are lots of people far worse off than us. We can converse and laugh together and enjoy each others company, which is probably the most important as we live in quite a remote area - our nearest neighbour is about half a mile away - but we love the solitude and the dark skies.
Nice to hear from you

Hi Liz
I havent worn a shirt since christmas as i cant do the buttons up
when i have worn a shirt , either my wife or my sons have helped me
like your hubby if things go right first time its brillient but i used to get pissed if i couldnt
i know how he feels
now i look t it diffrentley if it takes me longer to do something and i complete it no matter how many attempts
its a victory to me and a lose to PD
we have to find our own little victorys
there are always alternitives its up to us to find them
if he ever wants to chat im here for him i will always reply