Hi advice please. Was diagnosed 18 months ago. Have tried levadopa, ropinerole, madopar, amantadine. Tolerate levadopa for while then starts affecting speech. Left hand very stiff, think right going same way.Currently on amantadine. 6 months ago neurologist decided have atypical Parkinson’s (massive shock when Researched implications, particularly as children young). About 10 days later developed shaking when moving, no tremor when still (so opposite of Parkinson’s tremor). Gp prescribed propranolol 20 mg which worked for while. 2 neurologists don’t give me answers about what shaking is or how to treat it. It’s awful, makes voice shake too, exhausting. Lasts for most of day. I work but when not at desk and move, I shake. All advice welcome, please.

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