Sham treatments for Parkinson's


Hi all

This is a link to my vlog about sham treatments for Parkinson's.




Ian I have always enjoyed your vlogs and thought them very informative but I have to take you to task on this one. I personally know colin potter. I met him at the start of his journey and I can vouch that he has instead reversed a lot of his symptoms. He was able to come of his meds and has been of them all the time I have known him. He has by no means cured his Parkinson's and he would be the first to acknowledge this but he has been able to live medication free to this day. I also have a friend that followed his reguime and is taking a quarter of the meds she was taking before. Unfortunately it hasn't worked for me and I have had to increase my meds and am feeling worse than ever but I can asssure you colin is very genuine and wants to help people. I think from memory the fee you are talking about is about£3 a month and is just to cover costs. When he started he was funding out of his own pocket but it got bigger than he was expecting. He is by no means making any money from it and is not some sham


In all this scenario, don’t forget the power of the placebo. I don’t doubt what you say Little Bee, but I can’t get that placebo effect out of mind. And if such treatment were effective in clinically controlled trials, Big Pharma would leap on it to make oodles of money. I suspect such trials will not be forthcoming.


In the meantime, those in a desperate place will depart with money and that, in my opinion, is not fair.  Thank you selfbuilder for hilighting.


little bee - My comment on that particular website was not the content, but the concept of a PWP, having found a means of reversing symptoms and/or halting progression, charging other PWP for that information, however little that sum may be.  The fact that you come up against pages that are only available to members is, in itself, damaging to the legitimacy of that information (i.e. most people view it as a scam when they come across this, and this was borne out in a discussion within a PD forum last week).