Share your story and help us kick start a conversation

Share your story and help us kick start a conversation

Many people can experience bladder and bowel problems as a symptom of their Parkinson’s. However, sometimes it’s tricky to talk about and it can feel like you’re experiencing these problems alone.

This September, we want to share stories from the Parkinson’s community to let people know that it’s OK to talk about bladder and bowel issues. We’re making a video of people’s experiences and how they manage their symptoms. We’ll be sharing stories throughout September on social media and adding the video to our website.

How can you help?
Share your experiences by filming a quick video. It’s easier than you think – just use your smartphone and follow our top tips:

  • Keep it short and simple (roughly 3 minutes)
  • Film your video in landscape, not portrait
  • Make sure your audio is clear
  • Think about lighting and ensure there is a good enough light source
  • Look straight into the camera as much as you can and address your audience directly
  • You don’t need to edit anything, we’ll do that for you
  • Relax and be yourself!

Once you’ve filmed your short video, send it to [email protected] via WeTransfer by Sunday 30 September. And if you have any questions or would prefer to share your story in writing, please get in touch.