Sharing a bed coronavirus

My OH is the PWP over 70 and suffers with asthma and HBP, I have stayed in with him for 5 days now and we are alone. Should we continue to live as we normally would? only upping the hygiene to a higher level, hand washing at all times, disinfecting surfaces, door knobs etc, own towels, can we still sit and watch tv together and eat meals together? we continue to share the same bed is this ok?
Or should we be keeping separate from one another? not share same toilet or bathroom, keep are distance from each other?
We don’t have any symptoms of any kind, but just want to do the right thing, so are we ok or should we be separate in the home? thanks guys what a horrible time we are all faced with xxx

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We understand this is an anxious time for people with Parkinson’s and also people living with them. Following government and NHS advice, you should continue with sensible precautions such as good hand hygiene and staying at home . We have more information on this via our website here:

We have a range of information and support to help you during this challenging time. Our friendly helpline advisers are also available to take your call if you have any concerns, questions, or need further advice.

Feel free to give us a call on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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My GUT feeling, which is not based on any medical background whatsoever, is that sharing a bed is not a good idea. You are breathing in your partner’s exhaled air and saliva droplets for how many hours. My wife and I - both mid sixties - also tend to sit in a separate armchair when watching TV, and we avoid kissing on the lips. I’m sure our marriage will survive!
If you have separate bedrooms and or bathrooms all the better I suppose. Sleeping for me is solved and is the same as it’s been for years - in an armchair, because my Arthritis of the spine and laying flat in bed, don’t agree with one another, so as to speak, so the sleeping issue for me doesn’t arise.
I would aim for separate bedrooms, or, not as effective, just separate beds in the same ventilated room.
As I started off by saying - my medical experience is nil, so my utterings could be complete bunkum.

all of a tremor.

You are living with each other all day every day. Isolating yourselves from each other for bathroom or sleeping arrangements will, just in my opinion, not make a great deal of difference to this Covid19 unless you have symptoms.Then bathroom and bedrooms options need to be considered to protect the other person.
Just be grateful that you have each other; anything could leave any one of us on our own at any time, as I know too well having lost my husband a year ago this March. Take comfort in being together at this difficult time, surviving it together and also take care and the precautions that you mentioned. You can’t do any more.

I agree with Benji. If neither of you have got coronavirus and you are both making sure you don’t get it outside the home, by social distancing and hand washing, then there is no reason not to go on sharing a bed.