Sharing good and bad

as if to prove that we prefer to commiserate rather than congratulate. no one replied to my vicarious london 12 joy.

snapped humerus however,
I am very sorry mrs.t, but I honestly did not see your post about your Olympic Joy. If it was in the Olympics thread (which I rather assume that it was) then this is not surprising. For reasons of my own I have avoided this thread. However, I am delighted that you found it a reason to be cheerful (did you win?). And I am still sorry about your broken arm
me too - can you add a link>
Okay I also appologise for I must of missed the post about the Olympics. Did see Ali had started a thread but never read this. As I never followed the olympics, sorry mrs t.
Sorry guys. A typical example of a PD sufferer coping with extra pain and feeling very sorry for herself.
Come over to badgers for a laugh and rest.
Absolutely no need for sorry mrs.t. I think that you made a good point. It does indeed seem that we find it it easier to commiserate than congratulate. And I think that most people with a broken arm would feel a little out of sorts, pd or no pd!