Sharing tips that help us to feel better

We all have different strategies to help alleviate our symptoms. It would be helpful to pick up tips from each other. I'll start the ball rolling:

I am on no meds for PD. I have been diagnosed for a year and a half and it is progressing slowly at the moment. There are four things that seem to really help me:

1. Curcumin complex. ( 2 x 875g a day). A few months ago I ran out and didn't take it for a month. During that time my symptoms definitely worsened. This was not due to the placebo effect, as I only correlated the two events afterwards whilst talking to my PD nurse. She was very interested in this.

2. Fasting two days a week. (Actually not strictly a proper fast, but eating 500 cals a day). It can be any two days. It definitely alleviates my symptoms. For the scientific explanation of this watch this excellent programme (You tube)'Eat, fast and live longer'.

3.When my aches and pains get me too down, or if I need to be especially bright for an event or outing I take a half gram of lorazepam. I limit this to 1 gram a week as it can be addictive, and it would also lose it's effect otherwise. I discovered this by accident. I am a nervous flyer and a friend gave me one gram of lorazepam to calm me. I had the best night's sleep in years, and was free of all discomfort. A happy accident!

4. Hydrotherapy. Exercises devised by a physiotherapist.

I hope my tips can help someone.I eagerly await other ideas. I appreciate many other's tips will include medication strategies. Kind regards, Ladybird.
Excuse the random 'ladybird'! That is my name on another forum. (I could do with some brain tips!)
Another correction: I should have put MILLIGRAM when referring to lorazepam, NOT gram. I don't want any lawsuits after people take a gram!
That s a good idea - mine are

going for a walk for half an hour

laughing - have just found the joke thread on the forum and PD faded into the background for a while. I also keep a folder in my email of funny stories and jokes people send and read a few every day

singing - on my own and in a PUK group

eating chocolate

Best wishes samdog
Thanks Samdog, The chocolate tip is going to be difficult to implement, but I'm willing to persevere....
Yes I know its tricky but worth it in the end...
creatine supplements. It's a very common, safe supplement that occurs in small amounts naturally in the body. It's very popular with bodybuilders, but it is also currently in clinical trials as a possible treatment for PD. I can certainly vouch that a gram or two a day makes a big difference to my strength and energy, and therefore my likelihood to to exercise (which is also good for PD!) Weight lifters typically take 5 or 10g a day, but I notice enough of a difference on lower levels.

Of all the vitamins and supplements I've tried that are supposed to help with PD, it's the one I noticed the biggest, most immediate effect from, and the one I'd miss the most if I didn't have it.
Thank you for that mmj.I'm always interested in supplements and would like to try it. Would I get it in a health store?
I just looked up info on Creatine, and it warns against taking it if you have liver or kidney disease, are under 18, have diabetes, or if you are pregnant or nursing.
I'm hopefully none of the above.
yes, I get mine from the UK's leading high street health food chain (you know the one!) - you'll find it next to the whey protein :smile:

I think the kidney warning is to do with one of the effects of creatine - it causes your muscle cells to absorb more water than "normal", so if you take lots of it it's quite easy to dehydrate yourself. Easily solved by taking it with a large glass of water! (Also taking less than the usual 5g a day minimises this effect, but still seems to help with movement).