Shark oil

Hi I have read about the benefits of shark oil but I am really struggling to source any. None of the shops I've tried stock it and I'm a bit apprehensive about ordering some off the Internet. Also, could anyone suggest any other alternative therapies?

Thank you 


Prob because a sharks body doesn't contain any viable oil

plenty of ammonia, if it's any bi product loosely termed 'oil' it will be from the liver which you can find the same content from almost any fish usually termed 'cod liver oil', if you want a 'health fish' then try mackerel(full of oil) or herrings which are cheap as chips(£7 for 5lb last time i looked) and readily available fresh full of roe. or pan fried sprats. 

I agree with Sea Anglers comments. It is better to eat oily fish.

However, if you really want Shark liver oil capsules, find a naturopath or a kinesiologist as they often "prescribe" them as a remedy! In my pre-diagnosis days I spent more £s than I care to remember trying to find cures for my gait problems, including acupuncture (soothing and mentally supportive,but no physical help) chiropractic treatment (helped my lower back pains, but not my gait problems) and kinesiology ( given various remedies including shark liver oil, none made any improvement) . Then along came Madopar . . . Which does actually work some of the time. . .  And is free on the NHS, thank goodness!


I usually purchase from They are uk based and quality of the product is quite good.