Sharp pains in toes

Hi. Over last few weeks been getting really sharp intense pain in toes when walkingwamaking it really difficult. At first I wondered if reynaulds was acting up, but not sure it doesnt feel normal Has anyone else had similar problem?


Hi porthos I get sharp pains in my toes that make me jump, I mostly get mine when I am relaxing watching TV but can happen odd times during the day, don't know what's causing this. Don't think it's anything to do with raynauds, I have been there with that and hope it's nothing to do with it!

All the best - Sheila



i used too when i had walked excessively but i cant tell you why, i also get sharp pains in my hands there i can see i have burst a vein.


Hi porthos I also have pain but it feels more like the tendon in the arch of my left foot the one I always scuff  sine met tabs anything your on ? Maybe 

I get sharp pains  through out my body now.Sort of like a twitch .Then like Sheila I get the jerks.I read that myoclonus is sort of like that as it starts on one part of the body then spreads to othe.r parts.The drugs we take say that myoclonus is a sideffect of taking them..PWP don't get involuntary movements from PD

Thanks to a members here who also get them mine are pretty much controled through a good sense of humor and some concentration.

Happy Easter all

Yank john

Thanks everyone. I went feeing like a wimp to see a dr at my GPS practice and she thinks it is the Raynaud's acting up. Roll on summer! In the meantime extra layer ofvsocks.